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fender dimension IV

2/19/2000 6:37 PM
nic fender dimension IV
I just picked up a dimension IV for pretty cheap. I have a few questions on it's "technology". Is it the same as RG's metioned oil can delay only a shorter delay?  
There some characteristics about the thing that requires me to think a bit. First is why does the amp's reverb knob change the intensity of the chorus as well as adding reverb? Is there a way to have the chorus effect without the reverb?  
Also, how could I change the speed of the can's rotation?  
Thanks in advance,  
2/21/2000 1:37 PM

I'm a big fan of these units. The reason why you can't separate the vibrato from the echo is that they are one in the same. The device that is making the vibrato is also making the echo. You have to love the sound and call it a day. There's not much you can do to alter it, especially if you want to keep your health (we've all heard about the possible carcinogens in the oil can...)  
I have a couple of units made by Tel-Ray (the company that made the oil-can echo technology, and later became Morley) that have controls inside that let you vary certain elements (dry level, reverb level, vibrato depth) but some things never change. You can't get RID of the echo and just have vibrato.  
The only way to get the amp's reverb out of the sound is to disconnect the reverb tank and use the Dimension IV in it's place.  
Anyone looking to part with one, let me know :-)  
2/21/2000 2:33 PM

I bought one of these about six months ago as-is on ebay. Unfortunately, it doesn't really work. It seems to be functioning properly mechanically, the oil can spins and it adds a very, very slight tremolo to the sound. I'm pretty sure that the oil leaked out of the can.  
Does anyone know of anything I can do to restore it without harming myself?
2/21/2000 4:53 PM

I don't know how you can fix them. Everyone I've talked to said that it's best not to even try. I also have a sort-of functioning oil-can echo that I would love to have working, but I wouldn't dare open that oil can up.  
From R.G. Keen's info, there's a chance that non-toxic oil could be and could have been used, but there's no easy way to find out...  
2/21/2000 6:21 PM
JD Sleep

You may have a misconception about the oil can delay. They are slapback echo at best. My old Gibson oil-can box is actually called a "Reverb-Echo" unit, so don't expect long echo time.  
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