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Blackstone Mosfet overdrive opinions

2/18/2000 5:29 AM
Blackstone Mosfet overdrive opinions
I would like some opinions from fellow Ampagers  
re: this interesting pedal
2/18/2000 5:16 PM
Jim S.

I own one and I think it's really, really good. Very realistic, convincing tube-sounding overdrive and distortion, with great sustain and beautiful harmonics. Also good dynamics. Works best through an amp that is set relatively clean.
2/19/2000 9:27 PM

I tried the Blackstone last night it cleans up so  
naturally whwn you turn your volumn down it acts like  
a great tube amp, it almost seems like there is no pedal at  
The tone is clear but complex and alive with harmonics
2/20/2000 6:12 AM

Just curious, I know Ibanez made a MOS Distortion pedal a long time ago, any comparison?  
What's "special" about the Blackstone?  
2/22/2000 8:36 PM

the Blackstone is VERY different from other  
pedals it reacts to your picking dynamics.  
In other words it will showcase your sense  
of dynamics if you have any,which is the thing  
that too many guitar players lack.  
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