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1/14/2000 9:12 PM
Mike S
Does anyone use a harmonist stomp box?  
You know, that unit put out by boss that is actually an intelligent pitch shifter. It adds one or two voices of harmony to your present guitar signal.  
I was thinking of purchasing one but the price is up there about $150.00  
I want to use it for soloing om Allman brother tunes etc.  
Is it any good?  
1/17/2000 5:23 AM

I have one. I don't use it regularly but it certainly works ok. It tracks quite well (not chords, only single notes of course) and is as reliable as any other Boss pedal. The problem with even intelligent pitch shifters is that they don't know what chord you're playing against. E.G. You're playing in C major over a C major chord. The harmonist is set for a 3rd up and a 3rd down. You play an E, you get a C and G which is a C major. But play a C and you get an E and an A which is a C6. Cool if that's what you want, but..On the other hand that C (+E +A) would fit fine over an Am.. And so on...  
Also you have to bend over to change keys every time you use it.  
Keeping these limitations in mind though, I still think it's great (of couse I only paid $100 Canadian for mine ;-))
1/19/2000 2:20 PM
Steve Dallman

We have used one for a couple of years in our flute player's pedalboard and it works flawlessly. (It should for a flute, as she's feeding it a mono sine wave.)  
I've played with it with guitar and bass. It will do what you want. With bass, it does the octave up thing perfectly but glitches some with other intervals.  
There is a slightly higher learning curve so be prepared to work with it.
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