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New Thread - Does the audience care?

12/26/1999 6:38 PM
New Thread - Does the audience care?
OK, there was a point raised in the "Over-rated effects" thread about people "not knowing as much about effects" or what have you.  
I used to pack a nice long pedalboard - tuner, Big Muff, Real Tube, home-made Firebox (tweed champ preamp), Small Stone, various delays (usually Dan-Echo or Ibanez Soundtank), BOSS CE-1. But now I just have a tuner, Magic Mushroom and Fire Alarm pedals (homemade, check my website in January) and the footswitch for my amp's vibrato. It got to the point where I started counting how many times I used each effect. If I didn't se it more than 5 times a gig, off the board it went. Then I got an amp with truse stereo vibrato, so there went the CE-1 and the Small Stone.  
How many times has somebody come up to you at the end of the set to check out your pedalboard? And it's _always_ guys... :( I'm in rock'n'roll for the ladies, you know?  
12/26/1999 9:43 PM
paul perry

Well Farrow, if the chicks dont go for those tiger clad boxes, what chance is there for the rest of us? ;-)  
12/27/1999 12:25 AM
Don Symes

The equimpent the _ladies_ are interested inn ain't on the floor.  
12/27/1999 7:43 PM

And the ladies like the leopard-fur boxes much better generally speaking.
12/28/1999 10:17 PM

The audience cares, but not exact;y about the same things the musicians care about. I mean, disco was popular because it had a beat; early rock'n'roll, rockabilly, and (nowadays) house music, ambient dance music, etc. are all popular for the same reasons. Most guys listening to a live band just seem to want a blast of sound, most women want a beat to dance to, and that's about it. It's been that way as long as I've been around (which seems a *long* time), and I don't think it's likely to change. Nothing wrong with that, really. The Beatles were a big hit because they had a heavy beat to the music; we only noticed they were great songwriters and players later on. Play your best, sound your best; if you want to please yourself, that's all you have to do. If you want to please the audience, give 'em what they want, but sound your best while you do it, and you'll please them and yourself.  
1/2/2000 2:33 PM
I do not agree completely. The audience DOES care about a good sound, but from a very different perspective than musicians do. The audience want to have a nice evening. When a band is (impressive, in a broad sense, and) entertaining, the audience is most likely satisfied. A overwellming sound can help doing this.  
Kind regards,  
1/2/2000 3:17 PM

i would have to say that the audience does care to certain degree. if you are in a cover band of any kind, the audience is going to know how most of the songs "should" sound. how many of you have heard really bad versions of "Freebird"? odds are pretty good that you were not the only to notice. granted a bad singer stands ot more than anything else, but i think the sound of the guitarist is the second to be noticed/praised/criticized. just my opinion.
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