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Re: New Thread - Does the audience care?

1/6/2000 8:44 PM
Re: New Thread - Does the audience care?
I went to see a well known cover band for new years and was pretty amazed at the volume versus tone war. Volume won! The guitarist was good, but had a very muddy dark done in a Lonestar Strat setup thru a rack into a Mesa 2x12. I even stood next to stage to catch his sound cause couldn't hear the guitar from my table. But, a good looking blonde singer made up for it. Crowd seemed entertained. (open bar for 6 hours helped a lot!) In my band we have 2 guitarists and an average looking singer... We're gonna get slaughtered in the next Battle of the Bands!! (grins!!)
1/6/2000 10:48 PM
Jim S.

I used to play guitar in a 10-piece R'n'B band that was loosely based on the Commitments. It was fronted by three attractive female vocalists (one of which was my fiance and is now my wife). They wore tight black dresses and did all the stage moves you might expect to go along with the tunes.  
There were a few occasions when, during a set break, I would go up to the bar and exchange a few words with a patron while waiting for my drink. I would soon realize that this person didn't recognize me as one of the musicians that had been on stage 5 minutes earlier. Despite the fact that I was spiffed up in dark-colored Blues Brothers-approved stage attire. These encounters were a real eye-opener. I came to the conclusion that much of our audience regarded the instrumentalists as merely the "backup band" for the vocalists, who were the "real" entertainers. Despite the fact that the band was more or less democratic as far as organization, we guys were often perceived as the equivalent of musical wallpaper placed behind the vocalists.  
Oh well, ya gotta love the music business.
1/3/2000 7:14 AM
Gene F
You gotta pick your covers carefully if you're doing pop music. This is just one reason why blues and jazz are more satisfying to play than pop; the material and performance are the key elements, not the tone/timbre of the instrument playing the hook.
1/4/2000 8:59 PM

...Wild Angels movie.... Wasn't all that stuff played by Dave Allen & the Arrows?...wonder what happened to that cat...
1/4/2000 8:47 PM
No name FX consciousness
In 30-plus years of electric guitar playing I have used delays, phasers, distortions, overdrives, wahs, choruses, compressors of every type - big pedalboards, etc. Nowadays I use a Rat if I'm doing a rock job, and I go without for all other types of music.  
The problem for me when I hear/use effects is that they sound like effects!... When I hear the guitarist turn on the chorus or the echo, I don't think, "Wow, that sounds great!" Instead I think, "Oh, he hit the chorus." Maybe I'm jaded, but they mostly sound like gimmicks to me now. Certainly I've heard many "blues" guitarists of the Caucasian persuasion who are defenseless without their overdrives... SRV has a lot to answer for.  
Whatever turns your crank is cool, but for me, in guitar tones as in other love-oriented activities, naked is best.  
1/6/2000 11:28 AM
Tobias Karlsson

"Whatever turns your crank is cool, but for me, in guitar tones as in other love-oriented activities, naked is best."
....but some "toys" can really turn you on.......  
Rubberman Karlsson in Sweden  
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