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Re: New Thread - Does the audience care?

1/2/2000 3:32 PM
jsh Re: New Thread - Does the audience care?
*Most* (not all) bands that are really succesful, have a good or at least characteristic singer. I agree.
1/3/2000 2:08 AM

I don't think I've ever heard any version of "Freebird" that wasn't really bad, even the original.  
1/3/2000 2:45 PM

I can't believe any bands still cover freebird. Who the hell wants to hear it?!  
1/3/2000 8:07 PM

In Hawaii, you never know what you have to play. :-(  
Anyway, we don't do it, but I can think of a LOT worse covers that we have to do.  
We get away with a decent groove but 2 good looking singers...  
1/4/2000 10:11 AM

One formula that works well in case nobody in the band is that handsome: just hire two or three dancers, and keep their clothes to a minimum.  
I know bands that have built a whole career based on this principle :)
1/4/2000 7:21 PM

OK, you are right. Yes, this works well too.  
1/7/2000 1:34 AM
My friend's brother alwasy says that when you go "up around the bay", theres only one song you really need to play... "Old time RocknRoll" heh :)
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