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Boss Ds-1 mod to the older version.

12/19/1999 6:26 PM
Boss Ds-1 mod to the older version.
Like pHiLtHy said in the 'most underrated pedals ever', there would be a small difference in components in the latest and the older Ds-1's. The older (possibly 'made in Japan' on the bottom) are said to be less hissy.  
Has anyone the possibility to trace down the tonal difference source? Are there different types transistors inside?  
I've got myself an old, very abused one. It was cheap, but isn't THAT old really. It was made in Taiwan and just LOOKS old. It sounds good, but I am convinced it could be slightly better (making it a better backup for my tubepedal).  
I have read about a mod someone did to make it less hissy, but uh...that's very long ago.  
The inside looks rather simple and basic, and like more often than not, its sound is very useful (keeping the tone low).  
12/20/1999 12:19 AM
hys chip

I sure would like to see a scem on this unit  
I hear the older ones are like a ts type deal  
anyone know for sure???  
12/20/1999 10:38 PM

I am working on that. It's the first time I try to nail down a schematic from a PCB, so it might take some hours...
1/3/2000 5:33 PM

The sonic differences between my new Tiawanese vs. Japan models are very subtle but enough to make me prefer to play through the Japan one.  
I think Jsh is probably on the right track with the cap thing... it may be in the opamp too since I recall them having different part nos.  
I've had both apart but it's been quite a while since. However, it seems that the layout from Japan to Taiwan is the same, so the difference is most likely in the components. I do remember there being different part numbers between the two versions.  
Also, the DS-1 doesn't sound at all like the tubescreamer... it has much more gain and sizzle UNLESS you keep the tone control down. Then it becomes quite musical IMHO. Also, as I mentioned before, it cleans up pretty well when I back off my guitar volume.  
I've come to like this pedal quite a bit. It's simple and reliable, and consistent. I can plug it in and go and know what to expect. It responds well to changes in my guitar's tone control too.  
It's not for everyone but it seems to work well for me. Keep posting and let us know what you come up with.  
I would get in there again but you know... time, time, and less time. I took the easy way out and bought 2 Japan models when the price was right. Still, part of me would like to know what makes these things tick... when time permits.  
Good luck.  
12/20/1999 2:27 AM
FWIW the boss japan made ones that I have seen have different brands of caps than the Taiwan made ones
12/20/1999 10:39 PM

Do you happen to know about which of the caps it is about?  
12/23/1999 2:49 PM
Does anyone owns a DS-1 too?
Would anyone care to have a look at these babey's too? The caps control the highs right? .. that's seems to be the problem in the new ones  

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