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Re: Can't believe no one has mentioned Vox Valvetone!

12/23/1999 3:07 PM
Re: Can't believe no one has mentioned Vox Valvetone!
Dean Markley Overlord -- It's the Real Tube without the detented pots, plus it has some cheesy "smoke / fist" graphics on the top. Throw a 12AU7 in there (YMMV) and it kicks ass.  
Z-Vex Super Hard-On -- have these been discontinued? I never hear anyone talking about 'em, just the Fuzz Factory. Pity, it's a great preamp.  
DOD Bi-Fet Preamp -- another great preamp pedal. Bumps up the sound nicely, never shrill, good bottom end.  
12/23/1999 9:53 PM
Dave James
Re: Opinions on most under rated effects
Hmmmm...I can't believe I have two for the list that no one has touched on:  
MUTRON Phaser II - absolutely the BEST phaser; great range and complex tones. Yeah, it takes 110VAC, but that's a small inconvience.  
DIGITAL MUSIC INC. CabTone - slightly off the subject, this box does a GREAT job of simulating a closed, 4/12 cabinet and open, 2/12 cabinet. Wonderful when you have to play directly into a sound board and want to avoid the dreaded "hi-fi" tone.  
Later and Merry Christmas to all,  
12/24/1999 12:19 AM
Gus how about little known?
The rangemaster type GE or SI I built a SI with adjustable bias (like it at 7.5v collector) Thanks R.G. and everyone else that worked at the rangemaster thread in the past.
12/26/1999 8:48 AM

Here's my list:  
Roland Double Beat:The Fuzz is a bit ordinary(not as good as a Bee-Baa)but the Wah is awesome,even better when used with fuzz!  
Ibanez PT-909 Phase Tone:With the feedback turned down,probably the best natural sounding phaser around.  
Ibanez Digital Flanger:Same series as the TS-10,this has a really nice tone to it,doesnt really sound digital,or does it?Could do with a better regen.sound though,and probably do with more effect volume.Mods anyone?  
Still a good flanger though.  
Jordan Distortion:I've never seen anyone talk about these.More like an overdrive than a distortion(not much though),but can get heavy when maxed out.No tone control but you dont really need one.Used to have one,but traded it with a friend on a TS-808 cos I didnt have one,havent seen one since.I'll have to build one some day.These will beat a TS any day.  
Other honourable mentions:  
VOX Distortion(grey wedge shaped thing from the early 80's,needs true bypass though)  
Coron Distortion 15(needs true bypass too)  
Ibanez POD-1 programmable Overdrive/distortion(pain in the neck to program)  
MXR Overdrive(commande series)  
Guyatone TD-1 Tube distortion  
Boss Super phaser,in fact all Boss/Roland modulation effects are pretty good.  
T.C Electronic Dual Parametric EQ  
Mutron Wah-Volume  
The list could go on forever.  

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