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12/18/1999 9:40 PM
A smal update on the EM5. I used it this evening for a rehearsel, and found out that it leaks sound when in off status. I turn up the volume to test the preamp and heart a slight echo after a full stop. You could heart it very clearly. This is one of the reasons why the switchboard with seperate loops comes in handy!
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12/21/1999 3:37 PM
MJ Harnish

I've heard other people complain of this as well, though I have yet to experience it myself. Maybe I'll have to fool with it; however, since my resides in a GCX loop it's a moot point. As you mention, you've got to lover switchers: I can stick any thing in there without fear of it screwing up my base tone. :O)  
12/21/1999 3:23 PM
MJ Harnish
Re: Opinions on most under rated effects
The last I checked Musician's Friend still has a few in stock; I bought one a couple week's ago for $30! I figured at that price you can't go wrong. Overall I think it pretty good...  
12/17/1999 7:50 PM
Jay Doyle

Here are my entries:  
BOSS SD-1 SUPER OVERDRIVE: I've used this pedal since I started playing guitar. It basically is a ts-808 without all the compression and with more dynamic/useful controls. This is my pedal, the one I step on when I want MY tone.  
ROSS COMPRESSOR: Ok lately this has become OVERrated but when I got mine for $47.00 shipping included, it was the best investment I've ever made. Incredibly smooth sustain, virtually NO coloration, and the level control allows enough boost to push the clean channel on my Blues DeVille. If you can find one REASONABLY priced I can not stress enough to purchase it, you will not be disappointed.  
IBANEZ SS-10 SESSION MAN: This is a handy man's special, cheap if you can find them, and if you can get over the revolting pink color, as well as modify the distortion section...Sounds like a lot of work but when you get done you have a compact pedal with distortion and chorus in the same box. A there is a switch to choose between using the effects in series or parallel, lots of sounds in here. Trim pots inside which are accessable through the battery compartment control the rate and depth of the chorus. This is worth the work!  
Just my thoughts,  
Jay Doyle
12/17/1999 10:17 PM

I'll cast my vote for the Jekyll & Hyde and the DOD OD Preamp250 (even though mine's yellow.) Many moons ago I built the Craig Anderton compressor and like it. Unfortunately I somehow lost it (household move I suspect) and have been disappointed with a couple others I've tried. Also like my Boss CE-3.
12/18/1999 4:15 AM

Lee , I do like the yellow DOD 250's also, just most I talk to dislike the buzzyness. Most never even knew about the grey ones.
12/19/1999 4:43 AM

Two of my favorites:  
1. Sovtek Small Stone. Ugly green box  
great swirly sound. Best sounding phase shifter  
I've ever played through. Played it this weekend  
with my cheesy cover band at a gig. Perfect.  
2. TS-5 modded to a TS-808. I used to have and 808.  
Like most folks on this board probly know. Change tow  
resistors in the TS-5 and it sounds identical to the older brother. I sold the collectible and gig wiht the potato bug. I can't tell any difference.  

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