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Opinions on most under rated effects

12/17/1999 4:56 AM
Opinions on most under rated effects
What effects do you all love that nobody seems to talk about? We all hear about the TS 808, CE 1 and the like, but we all have favorites that it seems nobody picks up on. If you feel like giving away your "secrets" please do. as you'll see in my list, there are some cheap effects that I believe get no respect. Well here's my list:  
1. DANECHO- would be worth it for $200. I owned a Aqua puss and sold it when these came out. Wish I waited for the price appreciation, though! Find them on ebay for $50.  
2. VooDOO Labs Overdrive- Great dark overdrive in a world over-ridden with bright green box clones. Again, $50 used  
3. Boss SG 1. No not cheap, but only expensive due to rarity. Discontinued after only 1 year cause nobody wanted them. Great semi- unique effect. Robbie Robertson swears by them.  
4.Boss BF2 flanger. I may get an argument, but just as good as the over priced MXR counter part.  
5. DOD 250 overdrive. Just an all around great pedal, IF you have a grey one. Not as trebely as the yellow ones, which give these a bad name.  
I welcome any comments and would like to see other's lists. I'd love to see what I'm missing out on.
12/17/1999 2:05 PM

I've run through a lot of boxes and racks and floor things, but most just aren't that great cheap or expensive. The two I think are great that don't get their due are MultiVox's tape echo, everything the Echoplex would like to be; and the old Vox wahs. The Thomas Organ Co. ruined Vox's reputation, but their wah pedals sounded great, and old ones still do unless they're totally fried due to age. No, they don't have true bypass, no they're not adjustable in any way. They just sound GREAT.  
12/17/1999 5:34 PM

Boss DS-1: Once you find the sweet spot this is a really cool distortion pedal that cleans up real nice when you back off the guitar volume. I have 3 of them. 1 is a late model and I have 2 older ones that were made in Japan. And yes, they sound different... I prefer the Japan models... they're not as brittle sounding. Someday I may try to figure out the differences but even the new ones sound pretty decent... just compensate with the tone control. The trick to the DS-1 is to keep the tone control somewhere around 9:00-10:00 depending on your guitar and pickups.  
Boss OD-3: I'm surprise that more people don't use this one. Especially when so many folks don't like the way the TS-9/808's roll off the bass. The OD-3 really took me by surprise when I plugged it in. It never gets brittle, compresses nicely with the gain cranked up, and has a very full even response to it. The tone control is real nice too, with a very wide and usable range. It has become my favorite all around OD pedal... very smooth.  
I have quite a few stompboxes both new and old including some homebrew jobs, tube pedals (tube king) etc. I wish I had given these two a listen before spending all my time and money on the other stuff.  
Honorable mention: Boss BD-2... Even though the DS-1 and OD-3 are my favorite dist and OD boxes, the BD-2 falls somewhere between them and IF you could use only one OD/Distortion pedal, the BD-2 could be the one. It CAN get nasty sounding if you want but can also be ajusted for a good OD sound. I use it occassionally for a clean boost for soloing... just to kick the volume up for leads.  
All-in-all any one of these three will give you a lot of bang for the buck.  
I recently tried a Visual Sounds Jeckyll & Hyde and was really impressed with its tone(s) and versatility. However, it's hi-gain and TS-808 sounds weren't enough to win me over the aforementioned candidates. Still, the J&H is a great value and performer at any price.  
For delay's... I'm sorry but I really like the sound of my Boss DD-3. I've had everything form rack processors to Echoplexes etc. and this is the one that is part of my sound.  
I bought a Korg 301dl a while back that's real nice too. I like the lo-fi features etc. Guess what? By the time I got through dialing it in to sound the way I wanted it, I had adjusted it to sound almost identical to the Boss. If anything, I learned what I like in delays :-)  
12/17/1999 11:14 PM

DS1...let me know what the differences are between the new and the old. I am really interested!  
When Mike Stern happens to pass by your neighbourhood, go see him! NO! Go LISTEN to him life(!). He also uses a Ds1 and his sounds also very good.  
SD1. Surely a favourite of mine. I actually bought it again after having it sold a year before that.  
but also not underrated in general, really...  
The microflanger of MXR has always been overschadowed by his bigger brother. I've got an old one. In one word 'beautiful' sounding. (dispite the fact it only has two knobs to control it)  
Godda go... CU!  
12/17/1999 6:02 PM
Steve B.

The Boss DS-1 has got to be one of the better sounding distortions (not fuzz or overdrive) out today that's so inexpensive.  
Others in the price range, even other Boss pedals, have either nasty needle tone or vomit midrange tone that's nearly impossible to get rid of, no matter HOW many EQ knobs it has.  
I also love my Neo-Vibe that I built. Really gloppy sounding.  
Steve B.
12/17/1999 6:52 PM
Jim S.

Ibanez Echomachine EM5 (potato bug case) - this is a digital delay that is designed to sound analog. The delays are warm and lo-fi. Up to 600ms delay time (wish it had a little more). The closest thing to an Echoplex in its size and price. Now discontinued. There's a new Ibanez "7" series pedal that replaces it; I have no idea how good the new one sounds. I have heard about someone gutting these pedals and putting the circuit card inside a heavy-duty cast aluminum case for better roadworthiness.
12/18/1999 9:04 AM

Not made anymore? The EM5? Too bad. I got one from my dealer lately, and it is true; Nice and cheap pedal, good sounding. Not even the manual talked about the fact that it is digital (NO spec's on that). Although, when you change the delay time during the sound... what you hear then, I think that is a really digital habit. A guitarmagazine tested it and said it was analogue, but Ibanez corrected them.  
Personally I think you can hear it a little, especially with high tones. But it surely doesn't borther me on this one. Cheap "alternative" for vintage delays... Although I want to build one anyway (analogue).  

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