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MXR Flanger model117 need help!

12/13/1999 1:37 AM
MD MXR Flanger model117 need help!
I own a MXR Flanger Model 117 that I think someone did some surgery on. I believe it to be of '79-'80 vintage based on the dates on the pots. On the circuit board one of the copper traces is severed. I'm trying to find out if this is suppose to be like this (factory done) or if someone did it as a mod. The number on the inside of the case is 17003612. If anyone out there thinks they have the same circuit in their Flanger let me know and I'll send you a JPG image of the inside of my Flanger so you can check it against yours.  
Thanks, MD
12/13/1999 5:51 AM
Mark Hammer
Couldn't tell you if it was supposed to be that way (although there is every reason to believe it COULD have been a mod-at-source). Is this a rack mount, or the grey floor box? If it is the latter, there is a schematic of it floating around several sites (Stellan Kehrberg's site comes to mind, and maybe GEO or Aron Nelson's have links to it). Is it possible to perhaps indicate what components and values are most immediately connected to the relevant traces? Even if nobody has a unit, or has one with the same trace-break, we can take a peek at the schematic and figure out what the implications of the break are, and whether it ought to or ought not to be there.  
BTW, you haven't said whether the unit functions or not, and whether there is anything unusual about its tone or functioning.
12/14/1999 1:16 AM
Mark, It's the Gray 4-knob style. The same kind as the current reissue from Dunlop. I did check out the schematic that's floating around the Web and it's the later version ('81) and is set up differently than mine. My Flanger uses the 117-3001-103 board. I found a picture of the inside of the 117-3001-104 board on someones web page but again it's setup differently. The unit seems to work fine althought I never have played through another one. MD
12/13/1999 7:09 AM

How many controls does it have? Is it the micro flanger, or the bigger one?
12/14/1999 12:59 AM
It's has knobs: Manual,Width,Speed and Regen. It looks the same as the current reissues from Dunlop. MD

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