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Chorus , what's your favorite pedal and why?

12/12/1999 6:23 AM
Chorus , what's your favorite pedal and why?
I've had quite a few chorus pedals, all have some good sounds,  
Boss CE2,CE3,Boss DC2, Boss Superchorus, Ibanez SC10 SuperChorus, Arion, an old DOD, Rolls Twin Spin ( which was pretty cool!)  
Just curious what chorus pedals ya'll like, and why.  
12/12/1999 6:56 PM

Don't know what use it has, but I can imagine why you wonder.... Every body does :-)  
I dropped all the digital stuff, because they were so sterile [Although my opinion on that, changed a little, lately].  
My favourite is the Boss CH-1 (Super Chorus). When set to a very subtile Chorus setting (Low Depth, Low FX level), it adds just a little to my TubeAmps sound.  
I am not a big fan of that strong swirling Chorus sound; I want to have it very transparent. Sometimes, very extreem settings can be nice too.  
I didn't like Arion pedals in general, but their flanger was interesting. In those days I compared it with the Boss', and I prefered it then. Using MXR Flanger now. I hope to get an A/DA to test soon.  
Kind regards,  
12/13/1999 12:03 AM

The T.C. Electronics stomp box is outstanding! It is very rich and transparent. Pricey, but better than any I've tried.  
12/13/1999 6:19 PM
Odd as it sounds a second for the Arion chorus - it has a cool kind of trashy hollowness that sort of reminds me of the first coupla Cure albums. Worth a spin at $30 or whatever.
12/14/1999 7:19 PM

I'm currently using a Voodoo Labs analog chorus, which is a little noisy but sounds nice. It's less noisy in an fx loop than in front of an amp, and inherently noisy amps (like BF Fenders) make it worse. Still, sounds great. Turned way up there are *bizarre* sounds, but I tend to be fairly subtle with it. I like to use a *little* chorus and a bare hint of delay. I'm anxious to hear Fulltone's new chorus'flange, the uniVibe clone he makes has a nice chorus. I've used an old MultiVox chorus/vibrato rack unit in the past, and it actually had a very nice chorus. FWIW, I've only used a few MultiVox things (the CB-1 mentioned, the tape echo and some mics) but they were all excellent. Out of business, of course.  
12/15/1999 6:45 AM

Ibanez CS-9  
12/15/1999 11:33 AM
Bob Predaina

roger mayer voodoo-vibe. this thing isn't really a pure chorus - its kind of like a next generation univibe that has tremolo, vibrato and chrorus built into it.  
the thing has 7 controls on it, and offers some really ingenious features such as a 3-way knob for coarse adjustment of speed that is coupled with a potentiometer that is used for fine adjustment. it includes sine and triangle wave modulation, and has a sweep control, and external speed control capability.  
in addition to the standard "intensity" and "output" type of controls, it also has a unique "symmetry" control that allows you to adjust the ratio of attack:delay in the signal being modulated, providing for some very interesting effects that are really hard to describe.  
it also has a "bias" control that is very helpful in the chorus mode - it allows you to center the filter on either the bass or treble frequencies within the chorus sweep.  
its very clean - 120dB S/N.  
it also splits yoiur signal to provide dual low impedance ooutputs so that you can drive parallel effects loops into a pair of amps for some really intense chorus effects.  
perhaps the hardest thing to get used to about this pedal is that it isn't really a pure pedal. conceptually, the pedal uses technology from a number of types of effects and hybridizes them into something unique.  
so the RM-voodoo-vibe isn't strictly a chorus pedal, per se, but a multi-effect pedal with some truly wonderful chorus effects built into it.  
the only problem with the pedal is that it costs as much as a small amplifier- $370. OUCH!

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