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Scored a MFZ-1 Maestro Fuzz! Kinda Sucks...

12/7/1999 1:10 AM
Scored a MFZ-1 Maestro Fuzz! Kinda Sucks...
I found a near mint Maestro Fuzz (Satisfaction fuzz) that is an almost new condition for $20 at a small town guitar shop, but I have several problems with it. One obvious problem is that the input is a cord that connects to your guitar, instead of a jack. Also, it uses the old style 9 volts that look like a "C" battery. I don't mind too much, since I'll never play it on stage. I'll just use the cord and alligator clip the 9 volt batt. in there, but the biggest problem is that if you turn the drive more than 3/4 up, it makes a constant scratchy humming when you aren't playing. 3/4 up sounds pretty gnarly, but I don't think all of these pedals do what mine does. I have also heard that these varied in sound much like the Fuzz Faces. Any input?  
12/7/1999 2:22 PM
Mark Hammer

Umm, last I heard NONE of the Maestro fuzz units used 9V, but I could be wrong. You may want to find out a little more before doing anything to it.  
Out of interest, what are the numbers on the transistors?
12/7/1999 3:44 PM
JD Sleep

I can verify that my Maestro fuzz-tone that I bought in the early 70's has a 9v battery. This is the larger size fuzz box with the Fender amp style knobs down the right side of the sloped front. Model FZ-1S  
12/7/1999 7:10 PM

The FZ1 uses two 1.5V batteries, the FZ1A uses one (as I rememmber, could be the other way 'round) NOT a 9V battery in either one. One uses the 2N270, the other uses 2N2613 or 2N2614. The FZ1-S is a different animal, uses 9V, and isn't the same circuit at all. Similar box.
12/8/1999 2:17 PM
Mark Hammer
It's a breath mint! It's a candy mint! STOP! You're both right.
Thanks for the clarification. Yet one more reason to recognize that:  
1) designs change...even the famous ones  
2) not all the schematics for these designs have been posted
12/8/1999 3:55 PM
JD Sleep
Hey, you got peanut butter in my chocolate!
I'll post the schematic for the Maestro Super Fuzz model FZ-1S on my the next few days. It's an interesting circuit. Just a little different from the 50 million other fuzz tones already posted on the net, and the parts are readily available (except for a 30k linear dual gang pot, which I think could be subbed with a more common value pot)  
PS This used to be MY Satisfaction fuzz ;-)  
PSS If anyone knows of a place where this is already posted on the net, let me know and I won't bother posting it again.  
12/8/1999 6:54 PM
JD Sleep
FZ-1S Schematic
It didn't take as long as I thought it would to draw the schematic, so here's the link:  
Maestro" target="_blank">">Maestro Super Fuzz Schematic  
The Fuzz Switch gives you two different sounding distortions. The Balance control lets you blend the fuzz sound with the dry sound.  
Can someone who knows something about electronics explain what makes this thing fuzz? I don't understand the stuff in the lower right hand corner of the schematic.  
I'll post a layout and PCB board file soon.

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