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LERA connection ?

12/5/1999 12:53 AM
Greg N.
LERA connection ?
Hi R.G. and everyone ,  
I've just built a LERA and would like to connect it to a tremolo pedal I have , but where R.G.'s article shows two wires from the effect circuitry to the speed pot , mine only has one . This is connected to one outside lug and the wiper , with the other outside terminal to ground .  
Is it still possible to hook the LERA in somehow ? All help much appreciated as I'm really looking forward to using this .  
Regards , Greg N.
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12/5/1999 4:47 AM

Actually, your pot *has* two wires - one of them is the connection between the outside pot lug and ground.
12/5/1999 1:32 PM
Greg N.

Thanks again , R.G. That did the trick .  
It's funny how having the obvious pointed out can be so helpful % >)  
Connected one wire from LERA to the tremolo speed and the other one to the trem's ground on its output socket and it works great . FWIW , all I used for the LERA were a small red led and a common ldr from our Radioshack equivalent , wrapped in heatshrink , and it tuned right in . No fancy opto's . A tribute to R.G.'s design .  
Thanks and cheers , Greg .
12/5/1999 2:10 PM

Great! Glad it worked out well.  
Yeah, LERA isn't all that fussy about LDR's because it operates at a speed that's within the range of even some of the slower LDR's. Not like running the LFO itself on the LDR.  

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