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Pedal for Zoom 505 ?

11/26/1999 7:32 AM
Pedal for Zoom 505 ?
I do own a simple volume pedal for keyboard  
and it works with 505 but would be the correct  
pot value? I'd like to have wider operating  
11/26/1999 4:34 PM
Steve Newton

I've just whacked together a quick diagram of how to wire up a vol pedal to use as a controller for Zoom units.  
Look here for the diagram -  
I use 3 of these, 2 for a Zoom 9050s to control volume and continuous controler messages, and 1 for a 505. The 9050 has a function where you can view the controller messages as they arrive and the diagram shown gives the correct 0-127 range for the pedals, other wirings do not give this full range of values so you only get partial control.  
The only way I can think of to test for full range on a 505 alone is to set up a pitch bend patch and see if the pedal will bend over the full octave or 2 octave range, if it bottoms out before reaching that point something is obviously snafu'd.  
You'll need the following;  
1 LINEAR pot. The Zooms seem set up to utilise linear changes in control even with the volume settings and a LOG pot will seem to switch abruptly after about 3/4 of the pot's rotation, this is usable but not ideal.  
2 core sheilded cable. However far you want to set the controler from ther zoom and then some for wiring it up.  
Stereo jack plug. I think that the Zooms just use the pot as a variable voltage divider so you need a stereo jack to carry +v and -v to the unit and then return the divided voltage back. This is why mono volume pedals don't work correctly.  
I hope all this is of some use.  
11/26/1999 11:41 PM
Steve Dallman

I used an Ensonic pedal for my 506. I did swap out the control to a different taper. The original was 10k audio taper and I switched to a linear taper pot, (or was it the reverse?) I found a Morley wha pedal that uses slider pots and uses the complete sweep and modded that into a control pedal. The problem I had was the touchiness when using the wah programs.

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