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tube screamer shootout

11/23/1999 9:25 PM
tube screamer shootout
I just A/B/C/D'd a TS-808, TS-9 reissue, Vox ValveTone and a new Maxon OD-808  
Here are the results:  
All pedals sounded good, and did a similar thing, so if I wasn't comparing them side by each, as we French Canadians say, then I would have liked them all.  
The original TS-808 sounded best. Most subtle. Warmer low end. Less coloring.  
The Vox ValveTone sounded great too. Different from the 808 (a little more squishy and a little peakier in the mids, like a Vox amp) and it's probably my favorite. The TS808 was American sounding, and the Vox British. Same sound, different accents.  
The TS-9 reissue was the weakest. A little harsh and fizzy. Not bad, but in comparison, it was thinner and not as smooth.  
The Maxon was actually pretty good. Had a great tone, and came close to the 808, but still sounded a little brighter and less smooth.  
My bottom line? For $50, the ValveTone wins hands down. Beyond that, the Maxon is just a nice Tube Screamer: better than the TS-9 reissue, but not as good as an original TS-808.  
Is the TS 808 worth $350 compared to the ValveTone? Not in my opinion.  
11/24/1999 6:44 AM
Re: tube screamer shootout/ValveTone $50???
Where are these $50 ValveTones???  
I keep hearing about them, but where?  
11/24/1999 4:40 PM

Ebay. They usually go between $50 and $60 but you could get lucky like I did and get a brand new one (music store close out) for $35!
11/24/1999 8:33 PM
Mike Burgundy

In another thread someone rightly noticed that some vintage gear (IF you can find it) is cheaper in Europe. Unfortunately, this is balanced by the fact that new gear is a lot more expensive,...
11/24/1999 10:02 PM

Anybody know what the story is with these excellent Vox pedals? Are they no longer manufactured?  
I bought a new one about 6 months ago. I had never seen them before the "sale", and I haven't seen any 810's since. I do know where a store has a number of 830's, but they're different, sounding more "Rat-like".
11/25/1999 10:05 PM

They were discontinued earlier this year. Can still be found NOS in stores, but the supply is (obviously) dwindling. The good news is they sold fairly well while in production, meaning there should be a decent second-hand market for these for a while. I love my Valvetone and you'd have to pry it out of my cold, dead hand to part me with it.  
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