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Re: Pedal Identification - Chris Duarte

11/21/1999 4:31 AM
Bob Predaina
Re: Pedal Identification - Chris Duarte
thanks for the tip about counting knobs. that really helped alot.  
after alot of squinting the light bulb finally went on over my head -- i ran the photo through an image processing program and brightened up the photo and twiddled with the contrast. i've posted the enhanced images at just in case you want to take a peek.  
i've looked around at various catalogs and i'm pretty sure that this is the effects lineup, moving from foreground to background:  
1) danelectro DanEcho  
2) ross flanger  
3) mutron micro v  
4) roger mayer octavia  
5) boss DD-3 or DD-5 delay. dunno which.  
6) boss CE-2 chorus (2 knobs)  
7) boss DS-1 distortion  
the pedal with the swirly paint that plugs into the octavia remains a mystery. i've read that duarte uses a fulltone deja vibe, but that doesn't look like what's in the photo.  
thanks again for your help.  
11/21/1999 5:45 AM
Mike P
The swirly paint job could be an Experience pedal, I forgot the name but is basically a Foxx Tone Machine copy with a 'swell' switch. I think J.Philpott has the schem for that one.  
11/21/1999 1:10 PM
Mike Burgundy

Have a good look at that box: It's chromed (looks to me like chrome, plus lighting, not swirly paint?), has two footswitches (which threw me off track towards a VTwin - or is it off track?) and a triangular logo that's on top of the metal, like a plastic shape, or something. Take a look at various tube pedals, the Dunlop (!) Univibe, etc.
11/21/1999 10:59 PM
Bob Predaina

looking at the box to the right of the roger mayer box, i think that it really does have a swirly paint scheme. to me it looks like it has a couple of chrome knobs, one at each of its two lower corners - the kind of chrome knobs you'd find on a p-bass or the dunlop UV-1 univibe, which is in a silver box that is alot smaller. that triangle logo thing does look like a univibe faceplate upside-down.  
the mystery pedal is catching some stage light or maybe some flash, and reflecting it off of a monster cable that is coming out of the mayer, arching up, and coming back down into the mystery pedal. i don't think that it has lights in it.  
one person thought that he spied a boss PSM5 power supply. i'm not sure about which pedal he was talking about, the one right by the mayer pedal, or something just past the boss DS-1.  
interestingly, the mystery pedal to the right of the mayer pedal does seem to have alot of little wires running to it, so it could well be a power supply. if so, it looks like an effect like the dunlop univibe UV-1 could be co-habitating in a big hammond case with a custom made power supply.  
but then again, it could be a tuner with a big dial on it. who knows.
11/21/1999 8:58 PM

Danelectro Dan-Echo  
Ross Flanger  
Mu-Tron Micro V Envelope Follower  
Roger Mayer pedal (could be anything)  
Boss Digital Delay (DD3 probably)  
Boss CE-2 Chorus  
and what looks to be a Boss PSM 5 power supply
11/21/1999 11:02 PM
Bob Predaina

i cannot tell the difference between the DD-3 and DD-5. can you offer any tips on telling the two apart?  
which pedal do you think was the Boss PSM5? i've never seen one, and i'm not sure if you're referring to the pedal to the right of the Roger Mayer or to the one at the top of the picture, just to the left of the orange one, which i think is a DS-1.  
11/21/1999 11:25 PM
Mike Burgundy

The only Boss powersupply I know is red, but has no knobs, just a load of dc connectors. This one looks like it has knos

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