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Pedal Identification - Chris Duarte

11/20/1999 5:12 PM
Bob Predaina
Pedal Identification - Chris Duarte
i saw Chris Duarte last night at Buddy Guy's in Chicago. I got a snapshot of his pedal layout and I need some help identifying some of the pedals. If anyone can help identify some of these things i'd really appreciate it.  
Here's the link for the image:  
if any good spotters can identify the pedals by name and model number i'd appreciate it!  
11/20/1999 5:29 PM
Mike Burgundy

Couple of Boss pedals, obviously, red one dunno, blue one looks like a CE3 chorus (?), the white one is a limiter I think (look in a boss catalogue, you can do a lot looking at colours and counting knobs)  
The batMan shaped thing is a Roger Mayer pedal. There's a black one, and a silver one, don't know what they are exactly, but it's a distortion, either octavia, fuzz.  
I'd have to go into a store to know for sure. Maybe there's some product info on the net.  
Next box looks famillair, but... Phaser-ish??  
Ross Flanger - only know their compressors, but they for one have a rep.  
DanElectro, erm, CoolCat? Possibly the delay. Once again, look at a brochure, compare colours.  
Hope it helps.
11/20/1999 5:44 PM
Mike P
To me it looks like DS-1 distortion, CE2 Chorus, DD-3 Digital Delay, Mayer Octavia, Mutron Phaser, Ross Flanger and a Danelectro Echo.  
11/20/1999 6:12 PM

The Mutron is a Micro V - envelope filter - I used to own one.  
11/20/1999 6:55 PM
Ted Matsumura

The powder blue pedal on R is a Dan Echo, an echoplex type sounding pedal.  
the white Boss may be the GE-7 EQ, but I can't see if the sliders are there.  
The shoe likes like a Keds ;)  
11/20/1999 10:38 PM
Bob Predaina

thanks everyone for all of the help.  
the first pedal is definitely a DanEcho, followed by a Ross Flanger. I had trouble identifying the MuTron pedal. He was definitely using an envelope follower on one song last night, so it probably is a Micro V. I had no idea what the batman pedal was. Thanks for the clues about Roger Mayer pedals.  
Its getting hard to tell what the Boss pedals are as they're getting kind of far away in the picture and the exposure is getting dark. From my memory, the color of the next one was BEIGE, not white. notice that it has two jacks on the right side - this makes me think that its not the GE-7. ideas?  
the next 2 pedals are really dark, but the lettering on the blue one is only one line of big letters , which makes me think its an older pedal that's not in the current catalog - the current pedals all have two or more lines of text. would it make sense to have a chorus or a delay that early in the signal path?  
dunno about the red one. from its position on the left side of the signal chain i would presume that its a compressor or a distortion pedal. the DS-1 is orange, isn't it?  
Just out of the photo on the left was another custom pedal that was built inside of a Hammond 1590EBK - the 4x7 box that stands 3-inches tall tall. i have no idea what that was. unfortunately, i couldn't see him working the pedals from where i was sitting, so its hard to say.  
there appears to be yet another pedal above the roger mayer (to the right in the photo). any ideas? or is it part of the roger mayer box?  
just for reference, what do the following pedals look like? i've read that he uses them in his rack: BOSS DSI, Fulltone DejaVibe, Mayer Octavia?  
FYI he was playing through 4 amps last night: 2 riverias, and a fender vibro-king, which were on all the time, and a marshall jc-900 which was switched on and off. talk about fat sound.  
thanks for the help identifying the pedals.
11/20/1999 11:32 PM
Mike Burgundy

The Mayer Octavia does come in one of them batman looking boxes, I think. I've been looking at that metal thing too, it might be something custom, I don't recognise it (thought for a sec it might be a VTwin, but it's not by the looks of it)

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