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Pedal Identification - Chris Duarte

11/20/1999 5:12 PM
Bob Predaina
Pedal Identification - Chris Duarte
i saw Chris Duarte last night at Buddy Guy's in Chicago. I got a snapshot of his pedal layout and I need some help identifying some of the pedals. If anyone can help identify some of these things i'd really appreciate it.  
Here's the link for the image:  
if any good spotters can identify the pedals by name and model number i'd appreciate it!  
11/20/1999 6:11 PM

I see the Mutron Micro V, the ROSS Flanger, Roger Mayer something.... (Rocket shape). Don't know the Boss Boxes.
11/21/1999 12:41 PM

Kinda hard to tell...can't even see how many knobs are on them. I did see a similar picture that the color was a little truer, and it looks like the Boss pedals are probably one of their overdrives (OD3 or SD1 or similar) which are yellow, and a chorus, could be a CE-anything, which in the other picture I saw was a light blue .  
11/21/1999 12:49 PM

Hmmm....just looked again, and I missed the Danelectro Cool Cat chorus, which would seem to be in a better spot in the chain than what I thought might be a Boss chorus. Boss compressors are also blue, but a darker blue than what the other picture seems, and that would seem to be more suited to it's place at the front of the chain. Just guessing.  
11/21/1999 12:54 PM

Never mind, that IS a DanEcho. I think I'll quit while I'm behind....I didn't see the other thread further down the page. (That's what happens when you get on at 5a.m., and only one cup'a mud)
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