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Real Tube™

11/19/1999 12:59 AM
Real Tube™
I just bought a second hand unit of this effect.  
I read yesterday at Harmony Central the reviews about it, so I bought a new 12AU7 for it.  
Is there any other mod I should try?  
As I'm affraid it doesn't have true bypass, I would ask that if it is possible (easy) to provide a true bypass to this box.  
Thanks you for reading this message.  
11/19/1999 3:45 AM
Mike Burgundy

Well, I've never seen this one up close, so a schem wouldn't hurt if you have one / could make one, but true bypass shouldn't be too much bother as long as the box has room. Take a gander at R.G. Keens Millenium-2 Bypass, gives true bypass plus LED
11/19/1999 5:34 PM

No, I don't have a schem, but I'll try to ask for one.  
(it comes with melting glue?(sp?) all over the components to keep them in place I guess.)  
The "problem" is that although the circuit seams quite simple: a tube, a couple of transistors (that could be maybe fets for the bypass), couple of opamps and the other small parts, it appears complicated to me, as there is no DTDP stomp switch, just a ...(can't remember the word...) and it shows led red or green!!, depending if the circuit is ON or bypassed.  
I'll try to get a schem from B.K.Buttler themselves.  
pd: the "effect" (preamp, really) appears to be quite usefull, and the way of powering it (plugged direct to the mains) is really cool.  
I think the use of a 12AU7 is a must. The sound seams to me to be more "bluesy". I'll try it again with the stock 12AX7 one of this days, when I get used to the actual sound.  
11/19/1999 8:49 PM
Mike Burgundy
Re: Real Tube™ / BK Butler connection?
Hold on, what unit are we talking about here? Butler had the patent on the (chandler) Tube Driver. Jack Orman has the patent schem up on his site, and I have a schem of the real thing (Thanks! You know who you are... ;))  
The Real tube - what brand is that then?
11/19/1999 11:52 PM

This is it:  
Real Tube Overdrive™  
Concept&Design: B.K.Butler  
Made in USA  
Tube Works  
Black metal box (new reissue RAT's stile)  
All texts on yellow.  
2 leds: red, and green  
knobs: output, drive, Hi, Mid, Lo.  
Came with a 12AX7 tube with the word/logo "REAL" printed on it.  
Inside there's a transformer for the power supply (Mouser),  
220v to ?-I didn't measure it as I wanted to play with it strait away- (We currently use 220v in Europe)  
11/20/1999 11:52 AM
Jim Radmer

...and I have the OLD Real Tube by B.K.Butler 19" rack black/yellow text PCB dated 1988.  
I believe that the new one has a lot more distortion. Mine's more a blues sound (a _great_ blues sound)  
Pictures on and the sound clips from the rehearsal room is TD boosted by Boss SD-1 for solos  
11/20/1999 1:08 PM
Mike Burgundy

...and that's the schem I have ;p. Funnily enough, the patent schem whops out a hefty hard rock/metal distortion. I didn't get around to building the "real" one. AS far as I know there are little differences between the Chandler (?) Tube Driver and the Real tube old style, but don't start shooting if that ain't true.  
JC: this schem works on either 9 or 12V (I run mine on 12 - sounds better in that circuit), that includes the tube. DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR THAT! Carefully probe around with a DMM to verify!  
You might want to decrease gain on the second opamp stage for less distortion, fool around with the eq section (are you aware of the great Tone Control Simulator?), etc. Where do you want to go, sonically?  
Oh, and if the unit is built for 115V, don't try using it on 220 (actually that's more like 230V in most of Europe) if the unit does not support it - you know, voltage selector on the back or something. Where in Europe are you?
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