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PCB Univibe

10/19/1999 8:47 PM
PCB Univibe
Hi all,  
I'm planning to make a Univibe and downloaded a PCB layout from the web, but it's slightly different than a pic I saw from someone who build a Univibe.  
So what's the best PCB layout and is it available on the web?  
10/19/1999 9:51 PM

As far as I know, the only univibe clone PCB's available are from my layouts. The first one was placed on the ualberta circuits archive and is probably still there. It contains two errors, two capacitors with reversed polarity in the parts diagram, but the accompanying text explains that. It can be (and has been) made to work. I think that was the vibe clone version A-2  
The latest version of that card, updated a couple of times to level E, is what you saw the picture of. That layout is available at GEO" target="_blank">">GEO as either an iron-on toner transfer or a ready-to-solder already etched and drilled printed circuit board.  
Best? They're both the same size, and can both be made to work.
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