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Re: Z. Vex SHO copy, and where's Zachary anyway?

10/22/1999 4:26 PM
Re: Z. Vex SHO copy, and where's Zachary anyway?
Clash of personalities!?! I remember someone asked him to give us the schematic of the discontinued Octane to work on. He compared it to giving an ex-wife's SSN out to people.  
He is more personal than some people, he's just on a more manic side of the spectrum.  
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10/22/1999 3:11 PM
Jim S.
Re: Just built a Z. Vex SHO copy
I am REALLY regretting creating this post.  
My go out to apologies to Z. Vex and his friends or anyone else that might have been offended.  
My intention was to build something for fun, not to impinge on the livelihood of someone else. The pedal I build for myself is an ugly, unpainted cast aluminum project box containing a circuit mounted on a Radio Shack IC perf. board that was cut in half. It definitely lacks the aura of a real SHO both inside and outside.  
One thing's for sure, if I decide to own a Seek Wah, I'll just go out and buy one!
10/23/1999 11:25 PM

I am glad you created this post. People are very touchy with this subject, but hell, if someone does start cloning them to sell, he can just sue them, right? If not, I think it is perfectly ok to clone pedals that you like. I also think it's ok to trade schems. The people who want these schems are probably not going to ever buy these pedals, so there's no big loss to zachary vex. To me, it's like trading recipes. If you want to, you do it. If not, it remains a secret. People ask for the schems to z.vex stuff because they are obviously simple to build yourself and yet are very pricey, in my opinion. I do respect original designs, but I don't have any problems voicing my opinion on this matter. BTW, a whole hell of a lot has been put on webpages about Mike Fuller's take on the Fuzz Face, and yet, it still is his design, though not all that original. I don't see how that has affected his livelihhod, but if it has, that would suck. I personally wouldn't post schematics from an independent pedal manufacturer on a web page, but I'm glad it's there.
10/23/1999 11:40 PM

Many of the boutique makers are using circuits that they reverse engineered (or found on the net) to make their pedals. just making a few minor changes or using good quality components doesn't mean dick. they would not have had a point to start from without copying some previous circuit, but cry "foul!" when someone posts a schematic of their changes. not logical, just hypocritical. i have much more respect (and appreciation) for Aron or GEO or AMZ where their hard work and education material is posted freely for all to see.  
z.vex has original ideas and i agree with not posting his designs which have been traced. just a courtesy, although i doubt it has cost him a single dollar in sales. so don't worry about it Jim S.  

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