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Re: Just built a Z. Vex SHO copy

10/18/1999 4:23 PM
Re: Just built a Z. Vex SHO copy
I respect this. I guess there are a few people who visit the Ampage who are looking for schematics to clone for their own boutique line. I personally am unable to A) afford a real fuzz factory (hence, my interest in a schematic). B)I don't have the time to start a line of boutique pedals. My interest is only in the educational experience I'd possibly gain. Gus, as a regular at the Ampage I'd not risk the embarassment of cloning a pedal into mass production. I am sure this does little to boost your confidence in me. But, I guess it couldn't hurt to ask if you could email a schematic to me.  
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10/19/1999 7:52 PM
Gus, I was wondering if read my post? Are you willing to send me a schematic of the Fuzz factory? I would not post it on a website or anything like that. I'd use it for educational purposes... Oh no now I am begging, I better stop. ;)  
10/18/1999 6:47 PM
Re: Just built a Z. Vex SHO copy
Now THOSE are the ones I am interested in. I would love to see Gus' distortion/overdrive schematics. If the ones release are any indication, the others must be killer!  
I too have some designs I never released but they are pretty much all crappy :-)
10/21/1999 11:17 PM
Mike Burgundy
Re: Z. Vex SHO copy, and where's Zachary anyway?
The main reason not to start cloning ZVex is because he is one of the few original builders around, and he's making a living for himself building his pedals.  
I think this guy deserves every penny, just like I don't copy a CD by a band that I really appreciate - I buy the album - for them.  
And another thing: Zach used to frequent Aron's site, and occasionally sniffed around here. Is he still around on the net? I must say I rather enjoyed his (occasionally ranting mad, but very inspirational) postings...
10/22/1999 12:03 AM

Even though I would really like a fuzz factory schematic, I am certain that the pedal itself would never get past the breadboard for me. Even my own cut-and-paste designs never make it past a few days of noodling on a breadboard. I'd rather buy one than clone one to completed stages. I feel that I'd like a "real" Z Vex more than a clone anyway. The problem I face now is I would rather finish my guitar and buy a champ. On top of this my wages are low, perhaps I could cash out some of my stock.  
Anyway, Gus are you around? I am interested of course in the fuzz factory shematic. But what about your guitar you were telling me about?
10/22/1999 4:54 AM

I used to love to read his posts as well. Insight into a very creative mind hehehe.  
10/22/1999 3:08 PM

>>>And another thing: Zach used to frequent Aron's site, and  
occasionally sniffed around here. Is he still around on the net?<<<<  
Z.Vex is in self-imposed exile from the well known message boards from what I can determine from a post I read on another BBS, as are a couple of other past regulars. A clash of personalities I guess. I'm sure he's lurking about occasionally.  

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