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Just built a Z. Vex SHO copy

10/15/1999 10:24 PM
Jim S.
Just built a Z. Vex SHO copy
A few nights ago I completed my first effects pedal - a copy of the Z.Vex Super Hard On booster circuit. It worked right off the bat. A very nice, subtle effect! I'll probably build another as a gift for a friend.  
I just wanted to thank everyone who had posted circuit information on this effect earlier this year.  
BTW, I think the SHO makes for a great "first pedal" project, since it is such a simple circuit, with a minimul of parts.
10/16/1999 12:14 AM

Congrats! These are really good. If you used a tantalum cap, try an electrolytic for a slightly "warmer" sound.  
10/16/1999 1:01 PM
Did anyone put any of this information on a webpage anywhere?
10/16/1999 6:19 PM

Aron has it on his page. Look for "mosfet Booster"
10/16/1999 10:00 PM
great! I have been waiting for someone to clone a zvex. Anyone I ask about the fuzz factory refuses to reverse engineer it for me. It is strange as if they have signed a contract that keeps them from tinkering curiously. Maybe I will buy one so that I can clone it. Mister Vex hasn't been around here lately maybe we can scheme ideas without intervention. I am sure that he'd enjoy reading the posts without saying anything!  
10/17/1999 9:03 AM

No contract signed. Just that in my opinion Zachary is a cool guy and you know, I actually pulled the MOSFET booster from my page - but it's still on my old page WHICH I CANNOT CHANGE!!!!!!  
Anyway, that's why I won't post any more zvex stuff online, cause I think he's cool.
10/18/1999 2:01 PM
I have reversed the expandora, fuzz factory, big cheese, and brown source. nic I won't give them out because they are different than other effects(I did give out the expandora). They are not clones therefore I respect the designs. As I have emailed Aron in the past I have a few designs of my own many were built before I found ampage.
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