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Re: DPDT switches--where now?

10/13/1999 2:52 PM
Dave Chun
Re: DPDT switches--where now?
Sovtek. $6.70 each in quantity. Or try looking up distrtibutors for Carlingswitch, it's the 316PP you want.
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10/13/1999 4:40 PM
Mark Hammer
I posted something on this forum over the summer about a place in Toronto that sells them for under $4Cdn (that's less than $3US, no matter what Alan Greenspan or the DOW does). I paid $3.85Cdn + tax for my last batch on Sept. 18. They do mail orders. They also carry a healthy assortment of cheap pots ($0.70Cdn), Japanese transistors, and interesting IC's (including hard-to-find CA3094's).  
Supremetronics on Queen Street.
10/13/1999 6:34 PM
Dave Chun

I'm pretty sure they're the same as the kind MCM sells; they're about the same price with the exchange rate. Unusual though, is that I bought a couple dozen once, and not a single failure (this is with my "bash" test; mount it in a wood board and hit it with a hammer, then do the requisite on/off stomps.)  
I'll have to take one apart and see how it compares to the Carling. FWIW, alot of these far-east switch copies seems to be popping up these days. I found two in the AA powered Korg pedals (Dynamic Echo et al.)

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