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DPDT switches--where now?

10/13/1999 2:04 AM
DPDT switches--where now?
What's the cheapest source for the Carling heavy duty DPDT switches right now?
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10/13/1999 7:59 AM

Sorry to use your thread Rob,  
I have the same question for England
10/13/1999 11:32 AM

I hear that they are back in stock at MCM Electronics  
10/13/1999 2:59 PM

Those are Asian copies of the Carling 641 switch, not the 316. They do not include the wiping action of the real Carlings, and so you get some reliability fallout. My batch had 20% failing.  
Note that they are intended to switch AC line voltages, and they will be very reliable in that application, as the high voltages will punch through any grunge on the switch contacts, where audio signals will not. The wiping action of the Carlings will clear the grunge even for "dry" audio signals.
10/19/1999 7:48 PM
paul perry

I find the 'bad' switches actually fail physically, internal parts fall out of place.
10/19/1999 9:54 PM

Quite possibly after use. In my case, the failing switches were fine internally, just would not make a solid contact on one side or the other of the switch with a "dry" audio signal. They worked fine with 120VAC. I'm certain that parts falling out of place is a reasonable thing to happen to them as well, as the construction wasn't all that robust.  
But they ARE cheap.
10/20/1999 1:52 AM
Dave Chun

RG - do you know anything about the "quick make/quick break" of the 316 series? The 641s just have that sliding mechanism, no wiping contact, correct?

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