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Tom Scholz Rockman circuits.

10/12/1999 10:21 AM
Mark Abbott
Tom Scholz Rockman circuits.
Does anyone know where you can get a circuit for the Guitar Rockman and the Bass Rockman, my brother has one which was giving him some grief until it magically came good.  
10/12/1999 5:00 PM
Don Symes

My bet is a bad/busted solder joint - especially at the input or output jack(s).  
Plastic jacks = delicate.  
If not the jacks, tehn check out the switches and pots.  
Happy hunting
10/12/1999 5:02 PM
Don Symes

Verify you're cables are good FIRST!  
You'd be suprised how many flaky cables convince you that the problem is inside some box or other.
10/14/1999 9:14 AM
Mark Abbott

I have had faults like you've mentioned in the past. Basically, I'm trying to find a circuit now before the device gets too long in the tooth (it is pretty old now)and a circuit is unobtainable.  
Thanks for your reply.  
10/14/1999 3:33 PM
Don Symes

As a last resort, you might try the Jim Dunlop website to request one. I _think_ it's  
They're selling newer models and probably have service data on the old ones.
10/16/1999 1:25 PM
Pat F
You might want to check out the IBM patent search site. Just put in SCHOLZ DONALD, (yes that is Tom Scholz's real name). It will pull up his stuff and there is alot of it.  
I've view some of the schematics. Pretty complex stuff, far cry from a fuzz face. Good luck. go to
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