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Re: Big Muff PI (from front page)

9/3/1999 1:12 PM
Dave Chun
Re: Big Muff PI (from front page)
For all the mods I've posted, the result is a more hifi kind of sound. There's little you can do to get more distortion out of the BMP: it already clips like crazy. The "four clipper" mod sounds good, but needs judicious adjustment of the tone control. The rest of the mods are mostly "season to taste" type of mods, opening up the signal a little bit, then closing it down in others (with the different caps). Just a bit of freq response adjustment for my own personal taste.  
You might try socketing all the critical components (the ones marked on the RGK schem floating around is a good start) and swapping out parts 'til you find a sound you like.
9/3/1999 1:14 PM
Dave Chun

I'd send you this in email, but your address isn't posted, so please don't construe this as spam:  
Sound samples for my take on the BMP at (RealAudio format)  
They're a mix of rhythm and lead bits, Strat (neck pickup) into Twin Reverb at low volume (amp on "3").
9/3/1999 5:50 PM
THanx for the clips...i wonder is there on way to smooth out the sound??  
9/3/1999 8:04 PM
dave Chun

Remove massive amounts of bass and treble from the signal. The Tubescreamer does this for its characteristically "smooth" overdrive.
9/8/1999 5:21 PM

How could i do that?  
9/8/1999 6:33 PM
Dave Chun

Use an EQ pedal before and/or after the BMP,  
or hack in a bandpass filter (combination  
highpass/lowpass) to get some mid scooping.  
9/8/1999 6:34 PM
Dave Chun

Whoops, make that midrange *emphasis* (sort  
of) by cutting the bass and treble.

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