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Re: TS 808 mod problem or not?

8/24/1999 10:38 PM
nic Re: TS 808 mod problem or not?
sorry about my foul mouth. I am just about sick of me doing things the wrong way. For example going from schematic to PCBoard and skipping the breadboard. Anyway, I should have thought more about how to remove that opamp. At least I am learning!  
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8/25/1999 2:52 PM
nic fixed!
I am very pleased to say that I think I fixed the problem. Those wires going from the board to the jacks are very picky about being bent a lot. I just resoldered that and the problem went away.  
8/26/1999 3:23 PM

Hi Nic,  
I have also run into this problem, with my T.S.9, modding it to T.S. 808. You say the wires were bent too much? maybe thats whats wrong with mine, it distorts when in bypass too but I was careful not to overheat anything. It is a annoying sound," THE AFTER BUZZ EFFECT". Thanks EdG.
8/27/1999 9:38 PM
well, I thought it was fixed because of the loose wire. Apparently the buzz is still there. I think I can hear it sometimes more than others. So when I "fixed" I later found it wasn't the case. It still fuzzes. So today I tried replacing the two resistors (last thing I changed to begin with) the buzz was still there. Then I tried different opamps, still there. Then I tried swapping the FET's with eachother, still there. Then I tried the input and output transistors, still there. Then I tried removing the resin between all the components checking for bridges... The sound was still buzzing in the background! I have given up. I will just ignor the sound for now!  
8/27/1999 9:50 PM

You might find the problem is worse with higher settings of the drive knob. This is why I chose to go with a Hammond 1590BB enclosure and true bypass stomp switch. I also needed 1M pulldown resistors on the effects input and output to keep it from clicking when switched. I just soldered them on the back of the board. Mark
8/27/1999 10:29 PM
nic not fixed
Yep it gets worse when the drive is turned up. And even worse when I switch to the "turbo" setting. Thankfully, the turbo setting is not worth using anyway. The Hammond case is a good idea but sorta defeats the reason for buying an Ibanez one in the firstplace... I should just auction this one off and get a new one or make my own from scratch. Honestly, I couldn't tell the difference between the modded and unmodded versions. Maybe my ear is untrained, maybe I am blessed. Unfortunately, they are trained enough to be annoyed with a tiny bit of bleed.  
BTW I have heard that the company that makes Ibanez's pedals, Maxon makes their own TS808 version only released in only Japan. I don't know if this a rumor, I don't remember seeing them when I lived there, maybe it's a new thing? Sorta reminds me of the SUper Tube Screamer chain.  
It's the politics that keep Ibanez from going back to the old way, I've been told. Nobody can supply them with a few million JRC's for them to go back to what players everywhere want. It's unfortunate they don't just come this way from the factory. I can't imagine that they care as so many people just go out and get the factory ones anyway and have them modded.  
8/28/1999 7:23 AM

Nic I think mark has the right Idea, it should resolve the problem. I've had this problem with just about every pedal that I have owned, and this seem's to be the only way to get the circuit noise out of the way, using the true bypass as posted at one of these gentlemans sites.

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