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Colorsound Wah info/schematic?

8/16/1999 12:13 AM
Dave Chun
Colorsound Wah info/schematic?
Does anyone have info on the original or re-issue Colorsound wah? A schematic would be nice, but not necessary. Basically, any info in regards to inductors, caps, transistors, etc.
8/16/1999 2:11 AM

I don't know this for sure, but it's a likely bet that they use the same wah circuit as in the CS Fuzz-Wah. Stellan has that one on his web page as I remember. Looks pretty standard, about a 1/2H inductor.
8/16/1999 3:52 AM
Dave Chun

Thanks for the tip, R.G. Wouldn't you know it, the re-issue is nothing like the original - a quick check of the insides revealed a *single* transistor (BC184L), three? inductors (maybe... they look like giant polystyrene caps, and my meter doesn't do Hs), and the pot is connected as a variable resistor. I'll post a schem as soon as I get it all figured out, but anyone have any info on this sort of wah design?
8/23/1999 12:44 AM

Sorry about I haven't read all this thread, so maybe you allready have your answers...  
I have an original. Not as old as an Organ Wah+Swell I also have, but original in fact (maybe one of the latest models of those years)  
I'll try to answer your questions if you like.  
8/16/1999 7:40 PM
The one I saw did not have an inductor. I did not get to trace it but it looked like a twin tee circuit with one transistor for the gain.
8/16/1999 8:43 PM

If it's a twin tee, that would account for the three polystyrene capacitors.  
Twin tee wah's are OK, just different from the standard circuit. I built myself a PAIA one back when dinosaurs ruled the earth.
8/16/1999 9:29 PM
Dave Chun

I got the effect traced out, here's a snapshot of a quick EWB layout:  
The 4nF and 8nF caps (the three polystyrene ones) are measured, since I couldn't read the markings on two of them. One of the 4nf ones reads "2200 2.5%" on the outside.  
Interesting to note how Colorsound decided to completely redo the circuit for the re-issue. I'm guessing massive cost savings without the inductor.
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