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a ultra tube screamer could be a sc...

8/13/1999 4:44 PM
a ultra tube screamer could be a sc...
a ultra tube screamer could be a screamer(type) circuit with the tone section converted to a EQ section. EQ could be high and low sheving controls with graphic or multi parametric mid controls. R.G. Has stated many times here that EQ before and after distortion make big differances. in tone. Maybe I should draw one up and build it. The pre EQ is the tone shaping of the TS clipping section.  
maybe a sliding high pass 400 to say 1000 Hz.  
Gustav C. Smalley
8/13/1999 4:46 PM
Ultra TS
sorry email was wrong
8/13/1999 5:23 PM
John Greene

I've messed around with something similar. The key to smooth distortion seems to be ramping the frequency response low to high before clipping. Much like a tube amp does when power amp distortion is involved. High frequencies get clipped first. The problem with trying to emulate this with a pedal is that the signal is going to go through the preamp of the guitar amp which is going to highpass filter the signal again making it sound harsh. The common solution to this is to filter a lot of the highs out in the pedal before it goes through the amp.  
I thought that if you could emulate the tone control stack of an amp before the clipper and then emulate the 'inverse' of the tone stack after the clipper, it would cancel the effect of the tone stack in the amp itself. This would leave a distorted signal at the power amp that more closely represents an overdriven amplifier. Depending on how well you implemented the clipping, of course.  
Complications come in with emulating different 'inverse' tone stacks and allowing for different tone adjustments on the amp itself. Makes for a lot of knobs on the pedal.  

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