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Super Tube Screamer

8/12/1999 4:47 PM
John Greene
Super Tube Screamer
Anyone heard of a 'Super Tube Screamer'? Some guy is selling a set of 4 of them, Ibanez and Maxon, for a mere $4000.00.
8/12/1999 5:05 PM

I don't know about the provenance of these pedals, but I only know of one way to ensure that there are no other pedals like them anywhere...  
*My* pedals are guaranteed one-of-a-kind as well, and I sell them for only $800 each... ;-)
8/12/1999 6:16 PM
John Greene

I'm just wondering what the mid boost control did and where it is in the circuit.  
8/12/1999 6:14 PM
looks like a ts with mid control WOW
8/12/1999 7:23 PM
I've had one of the Super Tube Screamers (Ibanez)and to be honest the mid control isn't very effective and the pedal isn't that rare in europe. Bought it for ca $100 and sold it for $150. I prefer the standard TS-9 over the Super Tube.  
8/16/1999 12:31 PM

Would you believe the winning bid was $1825 with a 2nd place bid of $1800!!! Both from Ebay newbies who almost always pay way too much. I've never heard these pedals mentioned in the same breath as the TS-808.
8/16/1999 3:57 PM
From what I've read and heard, they were sold mostly in Europe and Austrailia. People have paid as little as $40 for one used. Some like them more than the Tube Screamer, some don't.  
Anyway, a friend of mine said that his 'collection' was probably worth about $150.  

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