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Toner generator schematic?

8/12/1999 4:09 AM
Patick Toner generator schematic?
This really isn't about guitar effects, but I figured someone out there may know where to send me. By day I am an in-house telecom tech for a large community college district. The other day by an odd set of circumstances I did some damadge to my tone generator that we use to trace phone lines. I took it home and replaced 2 resistors and an LED. I noticed that there were only a few parts in this thing, and I suppose if I wanted I could just duplicate it. But I have come across situations where, because I work alone most of the time, I could use 3 or 4 of these generators at one time with distinctly different tones to trace large numbers of phone lines. Budget is tight and my boss won't spring for that many for one tech. I thought that there must be some simple oscillator type circuits that I could throw together for this purpose that probably have few components than even the commercial one I use. I did alot of searching on the net, but turned up no DIY stuff for telecom test equipment.  
Anyone out there have an idea of where I might look? Any input is appreciated.

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