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A (New?)labeling/packaging idea

8/12/1999 12:53 AM
John Catto
A (New?)labeling/packaging idea
Working on my Tone Machine I've come up with a possibly new clean way to label stomboxes. This is very easy to do and gives a slick finish.  
1. Layout the design of the box (in full color if you want) in your choice of computer software (I used Illustrator to do all the dimensioning and labels then brought it in to Photoshop and composited all the color stuff in layers . I made a design that covered the whole top of a Hammond box with about a quarter inch border.  
2. Print it out on colour inkjet etc. and trim to the edge.  
3. Take along the paper printout to your local office supply/printer etc. who have a pouch laminator (The things used to make laminated name badges and so on) and have it laminated (I got 2 in an A5 pouch - cost 1). Then trim leaving about 1/16 around the edge. This gives you a glossy hard plastic plate with your design imbedded in it.  
4. Super glue onto the top of your box...finished.  
As an aside I've also had good luck in producing good looking B/W control panels for guitar amps by laying them out in Quark/Illustrator and taking them to a Graphics Bureau and having a Bromide made. This can then be glued to the front panel and already has a semi-shiny finish.  
8/12/1999 10:07 AM

Hey, fantastic idea!  
I have a pouch laminator in my office!

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