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Cheap stomp switches

8/10/1999 4:06 AM
Mark Hammer Cheap stomp switches
I finally made my vacation pilgrimage to Queen Stret in Toronto today. Much to my delight, I picked up some DPDT stomp switches for $3.85 Canadian. That's about $2.65 in $US. Since I bought enough, the guy knocked 10% off.  
These are the cheaper stomp switches that RG and others carry, the ones with the kind of "star" pattern of solder lugs. More than good enough for most applications, and at this price, worth buying extras to replace them when they go kaplooey.  
I bought all their stock today, but am assured that they get them in regularly at that price, and that they will ship mail orders faxed into them. They have lots of exotic transistors in abundance at decent prices too (2SA/B/C/K/J series, BC/D/F). When you factor in the dollar conversion for those buying with American $, the prices are very competitive. Sadly, no germanium.  
Supremetronic Inc. is found at 333 Queen St West, Toronto, M5V 2A4, Canada  
tel (416) 598-9585, fax (416) 586-9898  
Decent folks. Just go easy on the English; it's not what these guys grew up with.
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