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TRIO Schem. error ?

8/6/1999 6:41 AM
Preben TRIO Schem. error ?
Steve A has redrawn the schem. for the trio. I think there must be an error.  
In the SCREAM channel, V1b, the anode resistor is missing !  
If any sound comes thrue, it must be at VERY low volume.  
I gues that there should be a 100k in the anode of V1b.  
By the way, is this the latest revission of the trio ?  
I cant find the switch, that enables the 4. mode of the trio.  
Regards Preben.
8/6/1999 11:48 PM
Mike Burgundy
Re: TRIO Schem. error - disappeared post?
Hey! I distinctly remember replying to this one!  
Anyway, I also noticed the anode resistor and 1+3 switch thing.  
I heard someone state that the early versions also had this, but Im not too sure about that. I guess ch. 1 and 3 are in parallel, probably even bluntly "both-on" period. Should be possible to get cool sounds - ever tried to run two amps at the same time, one heavily distorted, one clean? Nice. It ll probably sound better using two disctrete amps (eg Twin and Champ tilted to the max plus tubescreamer), but what the heck...
8/7/1999 12:51 AM

"Hey! I distinctly remember replying to this one!"
Hmmm.. not sure, Mike. I'm maintaining the BBS by hand via ftp, and it gets a little confusing at times, so it's entirely possible I might have goofed up and lost your post.  
8/7/1999 1:23 AM
Mike Burgundy
In all fairness, it might be caused by something on my end, my computer has been somewhat selfminded lately, but I thought I solved all that. Back to counselling, I guess... ;-P
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