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Recommendations for Labeling Aluminum Stomp Box

8/5/1999 11:18 PM
Joe Fuzz
Recommendations for Labeling Aluminum Stomp Box
Hey, all! I just finished the Three Transistor Fuzz. Sounds great. Unlike a lot of the other boxes I've built, a couple of the knobs on this one are extremely sensitive to changes. In other words, "turn it to around 2 o'clock" won't work with this pedal.  
So my question is: does anyone have any recommendations on how to label the box surrounding the a knob with numbers from 1 to 10? Sort of like on the face of an amplifier. The box is unfinished shiny aluminum.  
Please be as specific as possible! And thanks.
8/6/1999 1:14 AM

Try number stamps. They're used for stamping serial plates on various devices (check out the serial plate on a gas pump to see what the results look like. You can also get the same thing with letters but of course theys cost more.
8/6/1999 3:33 AM
you can get rub-on alpha-numeric transfer sheets at stationary stores, art supplies stores, maybe even a university bookstore  
best to apply only after cleaning the aluminum with isopropyl alcohol, then spray a clear acrylic or other topcoat to keep them from wearing off too soon (remove or tape-mask knobs and footswitch first)
8/6/1999 1:06 PM

Sure - make slide-on decals.  
From the Guitar Effects FAQ: get some Dyna-Arts Tone Transfer paper. Print the pattern you'd like to see on the paper in a laser printer or copier. Spray the sheet with two coats of clear lacquer. Cut out the area you want to use, soak it in water to release the lacquer and toner and slide the decal onto the box and position it. Just like decals on model airplanes.  
Give it a coat of clear lacquer all over to protect it in case of rainy days.
8/7/1999 12:09 AM
I'll be different and suggest using knobs that already have numbers on them, like Fender amp knobs.
8/7/1999 11:51 PM

That's clever indeed!!  
The only possible problem I can find is that usually ther's not enough space on the box for those knobs. But I'll remember that for my next pedal. Thanks.  
What I usually do is to make small round dots with enamel paint in different colors on the box itself. For example white dots for *my* blues setting, yellow for more gain.  
Easy to readjust exactly if the knobs are turned by any cause.  
I have done that to all of my pedals now, even the factory new ones.  
The knobs I use are those thin tall black ones with a white line as a pointing radius on the top of them.  
8/10/1999 12:43 PM
Joe Fuzz

Thanks, guys. Several useful ideas! :-)
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