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Re: The JSH Fuzz, question. (LONG)

8/4/1999 1:57 PM
Preben Hansen Re: The JSH Fuzz, question. (LONG)
OK, now that is clear, and it explains why my first VOX wah, a complete grey version, on the bottomplate stated:  
Jennings Musical Industries, Made in italy. This wah i bought around late 67 or early 68, it was the first effect i bought !  
In the early 68, i bought my second effect, a VOX ToneBender MK II Professional, and this was handmade for sure.(I was build on veroboard, and had 3 Mullard OC81D transistors in it, alas i dont have it anymore). This Tone Bender must have been made by Sola-Sound for VOX.  
But this again releases some new questions:  
Was it so, that SolaSound made Fuzz'es and JEN Wah's for VOX, or did JEN take over AFTER SolaSound ?  
Could i be so, that BESPECO "took over" after JEN ? They are both Italian, and made/makes wah's ?  
Regards Preben.  
8/8/1999 11:44 PM
J Catto

They have one of these, Brand New (NOS) at New Kings Road Guitars in London. This one is labeled as a JEN Tone Bender!  
It is exactly as you describe.  
8/9/1999 6:15 AM
Thank's for the info.  
This indicates that some of these Tone Benders is still lying around in some music stores. What is the price for this NOS effect ?  

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