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Designer's book of interest

7/31/1999 4:42 AM
Mark Hammer Designer's book of interest
In the current issue of Vintage Guitar magazine, I came across an ad for a book called "The Stomp Box Cookbook", by a Nicholas Boscareli (or something like that; the print is too damn small for my eyes).  
It purports to have 38 FX designs including: " Soft-knee compressor w/auto-variable attack & decay, stereo vibrato, spring reverb, six 'designer' tremolos, six unique fuzzes, quad parametric EQ", and "a wealth of ingredients to cook up entirely new pedal effects", and over 500 photos & schematics.  
It's published by Guitar Project Books in Colorado, and is apparently in the Second Edition, which implies there was a first.  
Anybody ever heard of this or better yet, seen it?  
7/31/1999 3:03 PM

I've seen the ad, and wondered myself.
8/1/1999 10:27 PM
Steve M.

Where in Colorado? As a Denver resident, I'd like to track down a local copy.  
8/4/1999 12:13 AM
I also saw it in the back of guitar mag, sure would like to hear from someone who has the book !!!
8/4/1999 2:20 AM
A friend lent me this book for a few days. There are quite a few projects, and there is a circuit description and PCB artwork for each one. Much of the book is devoted to the theory behind the elements of each circuit, thus the 'cookbook' designation. There's even some stuff about vacuum tube amps, and it has the most comprehensive description of tone controls that I've ever seen.  
To be honest, some of the circuits seemed overly complicated to me. For example, one of the tremolo circuits used about sixteen op-amps. In fairness, it's really a matter of design philosophy. I like to use the simplest circuits possible, while some people prefer the most complicated circuits known to 20th century man. I have to admit that I learned a lot by studying these circuits, even though I probably wouldn't build some of them. The parametric EQ and compressors did look very interesting to me.  
I only read a few chapters completely, but my overall impression is that the author spent at least a couple of years writing this book, and a lifetime gathering the knowledge to do so. This is a pretty advanced text, so the more experienced you are, the more you will get more out of it. I would guess that beginners could at least use this book as a reference, and with time, the book will become more useful.
8/6/1999 10:42 PM
Bruce B.

I would agree. I just got it today and there are plenty of warnings about "if you are a novice, proceed with caution". It looks real interesting, 259 pages for 29.95+shipping. There was a first edition and he says he got alot of feedback.  
Bruce B.
8/16/1999 1:52 PM
paul perry

Could someone young (or short sighted, like me) give the contact details? We don't get Vintage Guitar mag here in Australia.. sure would like to make a tremolo with 16 chips!  
Seriously, is there a fax or phone or anything?
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