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Has anyone put an "inductor" in their guitar... for a tone control...

4/5/1999 4:26 AM
David Manson
Has anyone put an "inductor" in their guitar... for a tone control...
Saw a mod with one -- some kind of midrange boost/cut circuit.. does the inductor boost or cut... and if anyone has it already.. what were the results?? thanx...
4/5/1999 8:40 PM
Dave Chun

If you're talking about the Torres mod, I can't help you specifically, but here's what I've tried. I hacked together a circuit (passive) from a diagram in a book (don't remember which one offhand, 'Guitar Mods' something or other.) An inductor was used along with a "standard" tone control; at one pot extreme, midrange was cut, at the other, highs were cut, so it sounded like the mids were boosted. Did it work? Probably more important is did it sound good? Was it useful? I didn't find it useful at all. I use my regular (now) tone control extensively, but the midrange cut was nothing that couldn't be done with the amp or pickup selection.
4/5/1999 10:37 PM
Bob S

Seems like that happens alot with Torres mods. I haven't used any that worked that great!  
Bob S.
4/6/1999 10:50 PM
David Manson

Well anyways.. i decided to go ahead and mod my guitar... i took out the iron and tried putting the pickups in series.. it actually does work-- to an extent.. i expected more of a dramatic change according to the book.. but it boosts the mids dramatically and makes it just a tad louder... What i was really looking for was a boost in gain.. i also tried switching to hotter pickups that night as well... from a 59' to a JB.. the Jb made a small difference as well.. but not nearly enough to make me grin... I was hoping that the gain would double (haha) -- since the impedance of the JB was double... anyways at least i found one thing that worked-- any  
more ideas on what i could do to increase the  
distortion? besides going active.. (i also tried a suggestion i read -- putting an extra magnet under the pickup -- nothing) The jb was stronger but i also muddied up the lowend as well.. (les paul) -- i also read that if your guitar is too strong for your input that it will muddy up --- anyone done this??
4/7/1999 9:19 AM
Dave Chun

Why not just use a preamp pedal after the guitar, before the amp? Something like a seven band EQ will allow a generous adjustment range and more than enough boost.
4/9/1999 10:31 AM
- any  
more ideas on what i could do to increase the  
distortion? besides going active..
have you tried replacing a tone cap with a diode? It isn't active and sound pretty good, but doesn't boost output...  
4/10/1999 2:33 AM
David Manson

hmm.. put a diode in place of the cap... I learned that my amp gets its distortion from diodes... are there that many to choose from... can i get more distortion with more diodes... that might be something else to try...

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