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Re: Suggestions for Strat bridge PU?

3/26/1999 3:06 PM
Mike B
Re: Suggestions for Strat bridge PU?
I'll have to give that Red (and maybe the Blue also) Velvet a try... Is that the semi-humbucking single coil that uses an extra coil to cancel hum without disturbing the tone of the 'main' winding (or something like that)?  
I do have a TBX control but I only use it to roll off treble on the bridge pickup. I don't need to add any, that's for sure...  
Mike B
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3/27/1999 12:31 AM

I finally got a stacked duncan (non-hi output) humbucker in my walnut strat, push-push coil select switch, one master vol, one vol for neck and middle p.u.'s, master tone. this is the first time I've been happy with a strat in my life ! I can preset a lowish vol for neck/middle for a clean sound and switch to the bridge and drive my brown deluxe hard for all the distrtion I need and no routing or preamps/batteries nec. If only it was just staggered pole..........!
3/29/1999 12:17 PM

No, the velvets are standard single coil construction. Just a little overwound from vintage strat specs.  
I think the other type you are thinking of are the Virtual Vintage, and the older HS-1,2,3 series.

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