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1/6/1999 5:24 PM
H.Meuse: DUO-PUPs
Steve it's the same as the Mustang as you say but i have rewired the switchs to have a series position in addition to the parallel and out of phase.  
I had a reply some time ago from some one to a question about that guitar and they stated that they liked the duo pups for the clean sound ( thats why they are not real strong ) and the fact that they were wound for humbucking it was someone i respected although i can't remember who.  
My duo is a 65-66 and i think it's from the factory but it was 5 or 6 years old when i bought it.  
The pups are real quiet single or togather so it's hard to tell.  
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1/6/1999 10:17 PM
Steve A.

    Did you add a third switch or did you manage to do the series/parallel switching with just 2 switches? I vaguely remember taking out the two slide switches and popping in two pairs of DPDT mini-toggles for some wierd switching scheme. (It was at that time that I first ran into the trick on-on-on DPDT switches and it took me quite a while to figure out why the switches were not operating as I had expected them to!)  
    As I recall, I thought that the stock pickups were "wimpy" but back then I knew absolutely nothing about tubes and tube amps so I was always looking for high output pickups to overdrive the preamp. The guitars were stolen many years ago but I think that I still have at least one set of the pickups around (either the Mustang or the Duo). I ought to dig them up and try them out in one of my strats...  
    I also seem to recall that the coils had fewer windings than a typical strat pickup which would account for their cleaner sound (I bet that Fender magnetized all of their pole pieces to the same strength at any given time back then.)  
Steve Ahola
1/9/1999 4:37 PM
Ya Steve  
i had a switch to replace one of the stock ones but when i lifted the pickguarg off i was able to use the existing switches it's been a long time so i don't remember just how i did it.  
The pups are real clean the only thing i realy don't like about the guitar is the scale size  
( i have a guitar players nightmare wide hands with short fat fingers ) wonder what they would sound like on Strat scale length.  

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