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Explorer Replacement Pickups

12/8/1998 1:36 PM
Explorer Replacement Pickups
I'm considering replaceing the pickups on  
my explorer. It's a custom made Korina wood  
model from the early seventies(some random  
luthier built it before the gibson 76  
reissues- go figure). The pickups are from  
a early seventies/maybe late sixties Les  
Paul, and they seem a little too bright  
and refined for me. I play mostly blues,  
and want a real raunchy, bluesy sound. I'm  
thinkin old Billy Gibbons, George Thorogood  
type vibe. I've done a little research, looked  
at the Harmony Central reviews, and was  
leaning towards a SD Pearly Gates for the  
neck and a JB bridge. What do you guys think?  
I want this guitar to just scream blues tone  
and nothing else.
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