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Schecter potentiometers...

7/28/1998 5:49 AM
Schecter potentiometers...
Would it be in my better interest to replace the rectangular "AB" (X3) potentiometers in my Strat w/ say a MOUSER 1MEG or 500K pots?... I can't seem to get the wondrful "shimmer , brightness" etc... out of this guitar, because I have to keep the treble response from my amps down to a tolerable minimum!... SHUX!!!... The wax "potting" is one suggestion by DOC (thanx DOC!.) fRANK.
7/29/1998 2:02 AM
Steve A.

    A bright cap and a small valued resistor across the ungrounded terminals of the volume pots helps smooth out the response and boosts the trebles a bit when you turn back the volume control. While Fender uses a .001uF cap on their Teles, I find that it is way too bright so I use something like 250pF. For the resistor, you could start out with 220k.  
    Before you condemn the pots you might want to try bypassing them altogether to see what the pickups sound like without anything loading them down. Or just bypass the tone controls. (A .015uF/630v cap works really well instead of the typical tone caps you find in guitars. You can back off the tone control a bit without having it sound like pure mud.)  
    Can you measure the resistance of your pots and determine if they are audio or linear taper? (Linear pots will measure 1/2 of the total resistance at the midposition; audio pots will be way off.)  
Steve Ahola
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