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7 way strat wiring

7/5/1998 9:33 PM
60's relic
7 way strat wiring
I would like to find a wiring diagram or get an explanation on how to wire a 5-way Strat switch with a mini-switch to get the seven possible pickup combinations.The Carvin Bolt comes wired this way.Any help will be greatly appreciated.  
The relic
7/6/1998 1:29 AM
Steve A.

The relic:  
    Do you know what the extra 2 positions are? I've rewired 2 of my strats using the Sup'rStrat harness, which produces 9 combinations using a regular 5-position selector switch and an added DPDT switch on a push-pull pot or a mini-toggle. The 2 added linkages that I use a lot are neck & bridge in parallel (like a Tele with both pickups selected) and the same in series (almost like a humbucker if you swap a RWRP middle pickup for either the neck or the bridge).  
    Here's a link to my site for the wiring diagram:  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. There are links to other sites that also have interesting wiring diagrams.
7/6/1998 12:41 PM

I've wired a few strats using a 4-pole, 5-way selector switch and an extra switch (happened to be p-p switch on a tone pot) to allow the five standard selections, but in the 2 & 4 positions with the switch pulled out you get the pairs in series for a louder 'fat strat' sound.  
The diagram is sort of a mixture of pictorial and schematic. Some 4-pole switches have different lug terminations, so the switch portion is schematic. Any switch can be wired correctly by following the functional diagram. If this is what you're interested in, I can fax it to you.  
Check out Steve's site. He's got a lot of good stuff there.
7/8/1998 10:31 AM

Hi Relic  
I have a p-p pot in my Strat wired to take the lead pup out of the circuit and put it in series with the output of the switch.  
It has the 5 normal Strat positions pushed in.  
In the out pos.  
1 Lead only  
2 Lead ser Mid  
3 Lead ser Mid  
4 Lead ser (Mid and Neck par)all three pups  
5 Lead ser Neck Teleish  
I modded a stock switch to achieve this so the first pos would work lead only with p-p in or out.  
I also wanted to add tone to one of the lead positions i should go back and try and do this  
with out another switch.  
it was a long time ago and i didn't draw it out the key is what contact i eliminated on the 5 way switch.  
If thet's the configuration you are looking for and you can't figure it out i could draw it out.  
When i do these things i just scratch out possable wireings pick the one i want then trash the scratching.  
I should draw it out and save it so i know what i have.  
Sorry if i spaced out here.  
7/12/1998 8:09 PM
Phil Saunders

The easiest way is to use the G&L S-500 wiring. Using a single pole, double throw toggle, hook a wire from the bridge pickup to the middle of the three connection points. Hook a wire from the neck pickup to the connection point that is engaged when the switch is ON. Now, with the switch off, everything is normal. With the switch ON, if either the neck or the bridge pickup is selected, you get both pickups.  
This yields Neck+Bridge in the 1 and 5 positions. You get all 3 pickups together in the 2 and 4 positions.  
The most useful sounds, with the easiest mod.
7/23/1998 7:50 PM
Steve, again

    I modified a circuit from Dan Torres to devise a quick'n'dirty way to add the bridge/neck parallel linkage along with all 3 pickups in parallel.  
    The first step is to rewire your tone pots to free up one end of the selector switch. (Use the lower tone pot for a master treble-cut tone control and the middle pot for a midrange control.) You need to decide which pickup you prefer by itself- the neck or the bridge. For this example, let's keep the neck only position for the shifted mode.  
    On the side of the selector switch that used to go to the tone pots run a jumper from the common terminal to the hot lead of the neck pickup, and a lead from the bridge terminal of that section to a switch, with the other lead from the added switch going to the hot lead from the bridge pickup. Sounds confusing as hell but it is really quite simple if I was to draw a picture.  
    In any case, the advantage with this wiring setup is that with both positions of the switch you get 5 different sounds. With the switch on, you get the neck position, the neck/middle and the middle position (just like a stock strat) but you also get all 3 pickups in parallel (super quack!) and the bridge and neck pickups in parallel for a Tele-like sound that I find more usable than the bridge pickup by itself.  
Steve Ahola

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