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Fender Strat Pot

10/21/1997 7:51 AM
Bill Harbour
Fender Strat Pot
I own a '91 AmStd with a bridge tone pot that has a click in the middle of the travel. What does that exactly do?  
10/22/1997 1:44 AM
Steve Ahola

That sounds like a Fender TBX tone control (which was already discussed in length in another thread in this forum). Either scroll down a few months or enter "TBX" under Keywords when enter the Guitar Electronics BBS.  
Summary: From 5 down to 1 it acts like a regular treble-cut tone control. From 5 on up to 10 it gradually removes the tone control out of the circuit to brighten up the sound. Great invention!  
Steve Ahola
10/22/1997 7:04 AM
Bill Harbour

Thanks for the reply Steve. I've been able to get some gnarly tones out of it but I wasn't sure of what I was doing with it. What pickups does it act on primarily? I use mostly the neck pickup.  
Thanks again!!!
10/24/1997 4:02 AM
Steve Ahola

I'm not sure how Fender hooks up their TBX controls- maybe you can test it out and let me know...  
The original strat harness used the middle tone control for the neck pickup and the bottom tone control for the middle pickup (with no tone control at all on the bridge pickup).  
I rewire my strats with a master TBX control on the bottom and a modified Torres midrange control in the middle position (both of which are hooked up as master controls affecting all pickups).
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