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Steel wool in!

10/18/1997 7:57 PM
Mike Oriente
Steel wool in!
After cleaning my fretboard with steel wool some shavings found there way to my Dimarzio Super Distortions. Any suggestions on getting steel wool out of pickups?
10/19/1997 5:03 PM

And now we all know yet one more use for Saran Wrap...  
You have an interesting problem there, as you know. Tweezers? Or it it finer than that? How about using duct tape (the mysterious force that holds the universe together!), pressing it down on the pickup and peeling it off. The steel fuzz should come away with the tape. Those of us who live in animal-ly enhanced houses know this trick from the little rollers of masking tape with the sticky side out for removing pet hairs from navy blue and black clothes.  
If you're chemically inclined, you might try a fine mist of water to make the micro steel particles rust away, followed by a gentle drying cycle - a few days in a sunny window should do it. The wool is so fine that it should rust completely away in a short time, leaving you with just the job of cleaning the rust off. The devil makes me want to say expose the pickups to the fumes from red fuming nitric acid for a shorter rust cycle, but I'm afraid you'd take that seriously ;-)
10/22/1997 1:49 AM
Steve Ahola

I've had luck using Q-tips with rubbing alcohol. I keep a roll of good quality masking tape around, but I did hear recently that they make a "low-tack" version of masking tape that doesn't harm vintage finishes like the regular kind can if you leave it on too long.
10/23/1997 1:04 AM
Anders Westerberg

My brother used to work in a guitar workshop and he told me they always used the masking tape method.
10/27/1997 9:34 AM
A "kneadable eraser" also works. It's sort of like silly putty, except it isn't as oily. But you can press it on the the pick-up and it will form fit better that masking tape. Remeber to peel, not yank, it away so you don't strain the windings. The steel wool pieces stick to the eraser, the pick-ups don't.  
11/26/1997 6:18 AM
Anders Westerberg

BTW, my brother also told me they always cover the PU's with tape before they start working with steelwool.  
2/18/1998 7:53 AM
Jack Orman

There is a low tack, no residue adhesive putty that is used for temporarily sticking up papers to a wall... sorta like Post-Its putty. Sold in all the office supply stores. Works good for this and for picking up residue from a toner transfer to a pcb.  
-regards, Jack  
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