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DiMarzio PAF Pro vs S.D. JB Bridge

10/2/1997 7:48 AM
Bob C.
DiMarzio PAF Pro vs S.D. JB Bridge
I have a Kramer Barretta with a JB humbucker in the bridge position, I added a PAF Pro in the neck position. My question is should the PAF be alot hotter or did I botch the wiring. The reason I ask is that I thought the JB was a hot pickup but the PAF blows it away Thanks, Bob
10/3/1997 12:06 PM
J Epstein

A PAF is a pretty hot pickup - but _any_ pickup in the neck position will give hotter output than it does in the bridge position due to the larger excursion of the vibrating strings in that spot.  
10/3/1997 7:09 PM
J's definitely right about the neck/bridge relative volume thing. I compensate by raising the bridge pickup close to the strings, and lowering the neck pickup until they are relatively balanced. I have a Kramer Pacer and only one volume control so it's a small problem, easily solved.  
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