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Buzz Feiten Tuning, patent search

9/30/1997 1:29 PM
Buzz Feiten Tuning, patent search
Does anyone know how to mod to the buzz feiten method of tuning, or any other closer to 'perfect' tuning mods. I thirst for my upper register chordings to ring harmoniously.  
Also I have heard of ways to search patents from the internet, does any one know how? It is for educational purposes only, of course.  
thanks y'all! happy pickin'(and flickin')
9/30/1997 9:16 PM
There is a patent search site sponsored by IBM, but the URL escapes me now. A little time with Alta Vista should turn it up.
10/1/1997 2:00 PM
10/2/1997 6:36 AM
Yeah!! That's it! My only gripe is that the images are only available for the most current patents and the ones that are most useful to us music hackers are the ones that are from about 1960 to 1977 - expired ones, usually. That covers a lot of the most innovative times in effects.
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