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PRS wiring

9/1/1997 2:30 AM
PRS wiring
Couple of things:-  
Does anyone have a diagram for the wiring in the PRS guitars please?  
In this cct what exactly is the shift switch doing and how is it implemented?  
Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
9/2/1997 8:06 PM
Mark Hammer

I don't have a wiring diagram, but there are many of them at Mashi's guitar-wiring web-site, some of which appear to be close. If memory serves, the PRS wiring scheme uses different combinations or inner and outer coils from standard humbuckers, in addition to the standard front/back/both arrangement.  
Son't have Mashi's web-site address on me at the moment, but it shouldn't be too hard to find through Yahoo, or any of the links attached to this site. There is also interesting wiring information at the EMG web-site. I've never checked it myself, but a stab in the dark at a Seymour Duncan or PRS web-site would be worth a shot.  
Stewart-McDonald's Guitar Shop Supply sells the "megaswitch" which is necessary for the switching scheme on a PRS.
9/12/1997 7:10 AM

Thanks Mark - Ive checked out mashis and EMG sites both of which pretty good. I think I have the basic switching figured using a 4 pole 6 position switch. I,m still puzzling over the mini toggle switch - it seems to shift the point of resonance to give the sound a real honk which sounds way cool overdriven.  
Anyone any ideas?!?
9/17/1997 12:55 AM
Steve Ahola

__ The 4 pole/6 position selector switch schematic on Mashi's site goes back to the '70's (and maybe even earlier). I had bought a prewired switch from Stars Guitar out of SF in 1976, and while it certainly produced some unusual sounds on my LP, most of them were in fact unusable. Don Brosnac published the same schematic in his book from 1980 called "Guitar Electronics" (page 102).  
__ The "ultimate" circuit for a LP was probably Schector's Superock harness on page 135, which Gibson (Epiphone?) has used recently on their Jimmy Page LP. The switch functions are as follows: Lead Volume [puts lead pu out of phase/ selects which coil is used in single coil mode] Rhythm Volume [bypasses selector switch and puts pickups in series, with this pot as master volume] Tone controls [put respective pickups in single coil mode]. In conjunction with the 3 position selector switch, this works out to 21 different combinations (with maybe half of them usuable).  
__ The beauty of the PRS switching circuit is that it selects only the most musical of all the possible pickup combinations; you don't have to search for a nice sounding setting.  
__ The "real honk" sound you are referring to is probably both pickups in series and out-of-phase. Most out-of-phase combinations are very thin and whiny, emphasizing a lot of high freq crap. By putting out-of-phase pickups in series, it rolls off the high frequencies, almost like a wah-wah pedal in one of the middle "sweet spots".  
__ I'm still looking for the exact schematics for the PRS as well as the Fender Lone Star special (which evidentally uses serial linkage in one of the positions).
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